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Types of Snowmobiles - Snowmobiling For Beginners

Looking for a new sled?  Where should you start?

Depending on where you are coming from, the snowmobiling market has recently branched into many different sectors of sled design.

  • Trail/Cross Over
  • Mountain/Deep Snow
  • Performance/Sport/Racing
  • Touring
  • Utility
  • Youth

Trail/Cross Over
Trail 0r Cross over SnowmobileThese types of sleds are familiarly known as entry level sleds.  Trail Snowmobiles engines are lowered powered, and thus easier to ride.   They are also relatively inexpensive compared to many other types of sleds.  This sled design is the best one for those who are beginners.

Mountain/Deep Snow
Mountain SnowmobileA Mountain Snowmobile is a sled specifically designed for mountain riding. Often they are longer and narrower than other sleds and this allows them to climb higher and quicker than heavier designs. They have an easier time staying on top of the snow and long lugs help mountain snowmobiles dig through the deep snow.

Racing SnowmobilePerformance Snowmobiles are for those invested in the competition side of snowmobiling. They have higher horsepower engines, are heavier than entry level machines and flexible suspension.  These adaptations help when traveling over jumps at race speeds.

Touring SnowmobileA Touring Snowmobile is a multi-passenger machine. They can comfortably seat two people and are larger, heavier, slower and less agile than a single passenger machine.  These machines allow for comfortable riding over long distances.

Utility SnowmobileUtility Snowmobiles are typically used to tow equipment and are able to work trails with heavy snow.

Youth snowmobileYouth snowmobile are designed specifically for youngsters and beginners on the trails.  They are easier to handle and are able to provide a safe start into the world of sleds.