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The Skizee: Turns Skiers into Snowmobiles

Now here’s a great invention for skiers on lazy days (or skiers like me that just don’t like skiing uphills)!

The SkizeeThe Skizee invented by Tim Park and Jim Maidment of Kimberley BC, pushes skiers across the snow using a track similar to snowmobile.

Using a 10.5 hp, 4-stroke engine to drive skier along, the Skizee reaches speeds up to 35km/h or 22mph.

Built using solid aluminum, the Skizee carries 3.8 Liter (1 Gallon) fuel tank. It also boasts an electric start and charging system to keep the batteries charged.

You can find-out more about the Skizee at their website HERE and their Youtube Channel HERE.