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Quick Outdoor Photography Tips

Outdoor PhotographyTip #1- Get a good Digital Camera: Digital SLRs (dSLR) are at the top end of the digital camera world.  You will want a camera that has a manual function, one that can override automatic.  You should also be able to set specific shutter speeds and aperture values.

Tip #2- Protect Your Camera:  From the outdoor elements: dust, sand, water.   Watch temperature changes. You know how glasses fog up when you come indoors on a cold winter's day?  That's what happens to your lens when you change temperature.

Tip #3- Lens: you will want your lens to cover at least 28mm while on wide angle and up to 300mm on the telephoto extreme.  For outdoor photography, you will probably want to purchase a wide angle zoom and a telephoto zoom.

Tip #4- Tripod: Having a tripod is a huge advance.  If you don't buy one, your pictures will turn out fuzzy.

Tip #5- Accessories: You may want some of the following accessories: a remote for taking pictures, polarizing filter, UV Filter, carrying case, rechargeable batteries, extra memory cards.