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Big Horn Sheep

Below is a series of pictures I took of Big Horn Sheep taken at the base of Lakit Mountain, British Columbia, Canada. I found these guys grazing near my truck after returning from a hiking to a frozen water fall … lucky find!

Big Horn Sheep Ram

Big Horn Sheep Ram Side


Sand Martin (Riparia riparia)

The Sand Martin also known as the Bank Swallow is North America's tiniest swallow.


Adults are usually about 12 cm (5 inches) long with a white underside and a brown band that runs horizontally across the top of the breast. It's head and back is brown with a white throat area.

Sand Martin
Sand Martin from British Columbia, Canada


The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) also called the Fish Eagle, is a large migratory raptor that can be found in all the continents except Antarctica.


Ospreys are easy to identify and can only really confused with Bald Eagles. The Osprey is fifty to sixty six centimetres (20–26 inches) in length with a dark back. The underside is white with dark specs and the head is also white with a dark mask around the eyes. The eyes are golden, with both the beak and talons being black. The white breast and dark eye mask make it easy distinguishable from the bald eagle.

Flying Osprey
Photograph taken in the Kootenays, British Columbia Canada


The Barred Owl (Strix varia)

The Barred Owl is a large owl that inhabits dense forests across North America and has one of the most eerie calls of all birds. It goes by numerous other names like the striped owl, wood owl and rain owl.


Adults are 42-62 cm (16.5-25 inches) in length. The Barred Owl typically has a pale to white face with black ring around the eyes. The back is brownish with specks of white while the chest is white striped horizontally (barred) with brown streaks. The head is round, with no ear tuffs while eyes are brown. The beak is bright yellow and almost fully covered by the features of the face.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl photo taken on Vancouver Island, British Columbia


American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

The North American Robin, or American Robin is one of the most widely distributed birds in North America. A truly adaptable bird, the Robin is just at home in major cities as it is in remote wilderness. Classified as a migratory songbird, you can normally find the Robin bounding across lawns or gardens searching for worms.

The American Robin (Turdus migratorius)