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Campfire Cooking- Tin Foil Packs

Tin Foil dinnersTin Foil Packs (also known as Hobo Packs)

In separate containers offer a variety of choices for campers to pile into their packet.  Here are a few suggestions:

• Ground or diced raw meat (pre-cooked canned chicken chunks are a good choice, too)

• Canned potatoes

• Canned carrots

• Bell pepper, diced

• Mushrooms, sliced

• Salt/Pepper

After the campers have added what they want to their packets, fold them up tight and place them on the hot coals.  Let cook for 10 to 20 minutes (time will depend on your fire and how much food is in the packet).  Use tongs to remove the foil packets from the coals, and you can eat right out of the foil!!