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Ice Fishing – A Fun Winter Activity

Ice fishing is a widespread winter activity in most northern countries including the United States, Canada, Russia and even China.

In principle, ice fishing simply involves going to a frozen body of water, making a hole in the ice and dropping in a baited hook. Because most ice fishing spots can be easily accessed, it makes a great outdoor family activity for those winter days where you feel the need to get outside and play.

Video filmed at Cherry Lake, BC, Canada

Before You Start

You should always check your local fishing regulations for the for the body of water you’re thinking of fishing at. Some regions only allow ice fishing at certain times of the year, while some restrict access to certain bodies of water for fishing during the winter months. There may also be regulations on the type of fish you can catch and/or size limits as to how big a fish must be before you can keep it.

May regions also require adults to have a fishing licence in order to ice fish. These are generally inexpensive and well worth attaining, as fines for fishing without one are steep. Generally, children and senior citizens are omitted from having to purchase a licence.

To find out more about your local fishing regulations and licencing:

USA fish and wildlife agency by state

Fisheries and Oceans Canada