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A Primer to Fossil Hunting

Fossil hunting seems to be a mystery to most. In truth, it’s a really easy hobby to explore. Most people aren’t even aware that they have locations containing fossils near them, ready to be explored. Because it doesn’t take much to get into the fossil hunting game, it makes it a great activity for just about everyone, especially if you have kids. For children, fossil hunting provides a hands on learning environment that beats learning about fossils from an old school text book any day. When I was in elementary school, I was lucky enough to have a teacher that brought us to a local fossil pit for a field trip. We spent the day happily splitting rocks open, which quickly became a fun treasure hunt for the whole class. At that age, finding a fossil in a rock is like finding gold. Many years later, I still return to that fossil pit every once in a while for a treasure hunt.

Trilobite Fossil Eager formation
Trilobite Fossil from the Eager hills, BC, Canada