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800 Pound Best Friend Grizzly Bear

Brutus and Casey

Casey Anderson, a naturalist from Montana has a very unusual best friend … a full grown grizzly bear named Brutus.  He rescued the grizzly bear from an overpopulated wildlife park when he was still a cub and since then has raised Brutus to an 800 pound adult bear.

Casey raised Brutus with a lot of love and attention, which has literally turned Brutus into a super-sized teddy bear of sorts. Brutus is so comfortable around humans that he joins Casey and his family at the table during thanksgiving dinner. When Casey married actress Missy Pyle, Brutus acted as Casey’s best man.

Brutus lives at the Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, Montana, a bear rescue and education facility that Casey founded. Of course, this is when Brutus is not on set as he has appeared in movies, documentaries, TV shows and commercials.

Videos of Brutus and Casey: